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Hy there, just a question I had, I assume I should pla…

Published: July 22, 2018
Support status: closed

Hy there, just a question I had, I assume I should place it here ?

we’ve made a quiz, supporting an upcomming event ( quiz in real life ) and we would like for people that took the test-quiz online, to be able to share their results on facebook. we’ve did everything we knew we were suposed to do, including having a privacy statement etc, but it still bounces. if people wanna share their results, they share the static page of the quiz, rather than their actual results. What are we doing wrong ?

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thread author: Dylan Verduyn

Hello Dylan,I used to have a tutorial posted on here, but Facebook changes their design and process so often it became a chore to keep the page accurate.

In short, there are two ways to share on facebook. The first is using the standard Facebook share – the same type of share that would be used if you were to share any page on Facebook. This type of share will work for all users on all pages with no setup. The downside, is that due to the way Facebook retreives the data from a page, this method will not be able to automatically share the quiz results.

The second way is to create an facebook app by going to https://developers.facebook… Once you have an app created, you will get an App ID. Enter this ID on the HD Quiz options / about page. As long as there is not some other plugin using facebook apps on your site, this will allow you to automatically share the results as well.

22 July 2018 — 12:48 support admin - Dylan

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