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Howdy, For some reason my questions aren’t required? you…

Published: February 25, 2021
Support status: closed


For some reason my questions aren’t required? you can just skip to step 2 without answering, ive tried multipl different field types but all let you pass.

Also how would you add some text or an image above the answer box I saw your doc on adding a custom tab https://harmonicdesign.ca/hd-quiz-addons/ but that doesn’t seem to be working.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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thread author: Josh

Hi Josh,
like a real-world quiz, if a user does not answer a question, then that question is marked as wrong.

If you want to force each question to be answered then I recommend enabling the quiz timer per question feature. This will only allow the current question to be answered because of the timer

25 February 2021 — 16:05 support admin - Dylan

Cheers Dylan,

Hmmmmmm we dont want a timer on the quiz saying that if I set it to an 1 hour a question they will be forced to type the correct answer? we just want them to be forced to select or type the correct answer before moving on, I saw your little filter function was wondering if I could use that for existing fields to simply change them to required, could probs do it via JS but thought I would ask first 🙂



26 February 2021 — 04:12 Josh

Force the correct answer? No – it just forces them to make any answer.

What you’d need to do isn’t the easiest.

Here is the basic framework you can use to get started:

This would of course be added to your theme’s functions.php file, or better yet, created as a separate addon plugin.

26 February 2021 — 15:42 support admin - Dylan

Hmmmm doesn’t quite work as its still allowing me to skip to the next question regardless, I change success to false just so I could stop the submission but still seems to be submitted anyways?

Tried it with and without pagination same result :/

Also let me know your email and I’ll send your a coffee 🙂

28 February 2021 — 04:50 Josh

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