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How can I make the same question appear in two quizzes…

Published: October 18, 2019
Support status: closed

How can I make the same question appear in two quizzes + show questions specific to that quiz only? For example:Use Case: I have the basic math questions for both chemistry and physics major, BUT for Chemistry there are additional chemistry questions and for Physics there are additional Physics questions.Solution: Make a common pool Quiz = Sciences, Make a Physics Quiz and Make a Chemistry Quiz: Feature needed: Allow the question pool to select from a COMBINATION of pools, like 80% from “Sciences” quiz and 20% from “Physics” quiz

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thread author: Ratna Kumar Lekkala

Hi Ratna, to be blunt, building a feature like that would be insanely difficult to get working for all users and will likely never be added. If you are willing to fudge your “80% / 20%” requirements, then you can achieve something close by simply adding the same question to multiple quizzes.

Think of a quiz as a category, and a question as a post. The same question can belong to multiple quizzes! When editing a question, select the dark green Quizzes tab. You can also do this in bulk by selecting the “Delete Questions” button from the main HD Quiz page. This will direct you to a page that lists all questions where you can bulk edit and add to a quiz.

18 October 2019 — 11:40 support admin - Dylan

You are right ! Actually I thought that toggle button to select which quizzes the question can belong to was not working as I forgot to save the questions actually ! Once I saw it in action I realized the simplicity with with this is addressed 🙂

18 October 2019 — 14:09 thread author - Ratna Kumar Lekkala

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