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How can I bulk (automatically) add explanations to all qu…

Published: May 15, 2021
Support status: closed

How can I bulk (automatically) add explanations to all questions?

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thread author: Maxt6

That field normally accepts HTML elements and special characters which can easily break CSV files for those who don’t know what they are doing as well as create security issues if you have poor data in your file. Because of this, being able to import that field is not something advertised anywhere, but it CAN be done. Actually, all you have to do add another column (column “N”) to contain your text. But please note the following.

A) I cannot and will not offer support for this. So I suggest doing a small 2 or 3 question import to test. This is not an advertised feature, and as stated on the import page, supporting this tool is limited altogether.
B) You will only be able to import plain text. Any HTML or special characters will be sanitized out.

Good luck!

15 May 2021 — 14:25 support admin - Dylan

Thank you very much! You are a legend! Everything works perfectly!

17 May 2021 — 03:36 thread author - Maxt6

Another question, why when adding an explanation, the sentence is truncated to 256 characters?

18 May 2021 — 06:57 thread author - Maxt6

HD Quiz does not truncate anything. If it is being restricted to 256 characters then it would be another plugin or possibly your theme. I recommend switching themes and deactivating all plugins except HD Quiz to test and try and track down the culprit.

You’ll also need to figure out if it’s being truncated on read or write (or both is possible too!)

19 May 2021 — 11:26 support admin - Dylan

Thanks for the answer! The problem was that my program for creating a csv file cut off the text, tried another, everything works!

20 May 2021 — 03:24 thread author - Maxt6

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