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Hi there, loving the quiz, but the image placement doesn’…

Published: April 16, 2020
Support status: closed

Hi there,
loving the quiz, but the image placement doesn’t seem to work/upload.. any ideas why?

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thread author: Simmone

Hi Simmone,
there are many possible reasons for this ranging from your host has an error, outdates PHP or WordPress versions, or even other plugins breaking this default functionality.

However, the most likely reason is that the image you are uploading is not an actual image (jpg, png, gif, etc). If WordPress cannot create and generate thumbnails, then it is not an image. For example, you cannot use a PDF or DOCX file or something.

If you are sure that you are actually uploading standard web images files, then I’ll need more information. On most browsers, pressing F12 will show the “console”. Please go to the main HD Quiz and open the console. Then go to a question and attempt to set an image as an asnwer or featured image. If there is an error, it will appear in the console. Please let me know what errors appear below the “HD Quiz initiated” message.

16 April 2020 — 13:48 support admin - Dylan

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