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Hi, thanks for your free plugin! I have an issue since I …

Published: August 18, 2022
Support status: closed

Hi, thanks for your free plugin! I have an issue since I upgraded. I am pasting my quiz shortcode into Elementor and everything looks as expected in the editor view, but when I see the page I just get the following: [ays_quiz id=’2′]

Do you have any idea what is happening and how I can fix this issue?

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thread author: Helen

Hi Helen,
ays_quiz shortcode is not HD Quiz. HD Quiz shortcodes are called hd_quiz.
AYS is from a different quiz maker plugin “Quiz Maker”.

So what is going on?

My best guess is one of two things. Either you still have the shortcodes from the other quiz plugin on the pages and you need to replace them with the new HD Quiz ones, or you have some page caching plugin installed which is still trying to grab content from the old plugin.

If you still need help, please provide a link to a page with the quiz so I can take a look. I might be able to do some sleuthing to see why your site is still showing shortcodes for a different plugin.

18 August 2022 — 10:15 support admin - Dylan

Thanks for getting back to me. I had been trying out a few different quiz plugins and decided on HD Quiz. I had installed HDQuiz, then deleted it, installed AYS and deleted it, then reinstalled HDQuiz. I figured it must be something to do with either caching or something in the WP database that’s not working properly because I have been messing around installing and reinstalling plugins…? I cleared cookies and also flushed dynamic cache server side, but still no joy. I would be a great help if you could look into this and give me some pointers on how to troubleshoot this. The page is here: https://dev2.idas.org.uk/what-we-do/domestic-abuse-support/about-domestic-abuse/domestic-abuse-quiz/
Cheers, Helen

19 August 2022 — 06:06 thread author - Helen

Hi again. It is working fine now. It must just have been some aggressive caching. Thanks for your time.

19 August 2022 — 07:02 thread author - Helen

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