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Hi, Thank you for such a great plugin. it is really ama…

Published: October 8, 2021
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Thank you for such a great plugin. it is really amazing.

I am facing some issues details as follow.

  1. I have auto ads active and the plugin was not showing ads in my quiz.
  2. After this i paste ads code in the ad space bar which start showing ads but hide the start button. So, now i have ads in my quizzes but start button is no more working. And if i remove the ads code, this will stop showing ads and start button reappear in quizzes.
    Kindly assist.
    Best Regard.

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thread author: Noor

Hi Noor,
sorry for the delay; Canadian Thanksgiving 🙂

This depends on the ad service you are using. For example, if you use auto ads with Google, then HD Quiz loses all power to control where and how the ads are displayed. The entire point of that Google Adwords feature is that Google decides the best place to have ads.

As for the hide the start button – unfortunately, this is something I did on purpose. If you use the built-in ad feature then we cannot have the start button. This is because if we did this, then all of the questions (and ads) would start hidden on your page which causes two problems depending on your ad platform. The first is formatting problems (ads have a hard time properly sizing themselves when they load “hidden”), and the second is that it would technically be against the TOS of certain platforms to have hidden ads. So I had to make the lesser of evils chouse and remove the start button.

12 October 2021 — 10:21 support admin - Dylan

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