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Hi I’ve just downloaded and made my first quiz. Can yo…

Published: December 29, 2018
Support status: closed

Hi I’ve just downloaded and made my first quiz. Can you help as I’ve gone through what I thought were the right steps. However in my preview of my post there is only the Finish button showing. None of the questions even though when I click my quizzes, they are there.

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thread author: Mainy - @myrealfairy

Hi Mainy,Please confirm the following.

1. You created a quiz2. You created a question, and added that question to the quiz (this works just like adding a post to a category)3. You added the quiz shortcode to an unpublished post or page4. When you preview that post or page with the shortcode on it, the quiz displays, but with no questions?

If the above is accurate, then I cannot be sure why the questions aren’t showing, but the most likely reason is that the quiz either does not have any attached questions, or something (either your theme, or another plugin) is overriding how WordPress uses “queries”. Do you have any other quiz plugins installed or any plugins that you think might mess with default WordPress functions for showing posts or pages? Try disabling those plugins and let me know!

29 December 2018 — 20:05 support admin - Dylan

Hi there, I’ve created a quiz, added questions as described and added the shortcode. I’ve just upgraded to the new wordpress and everything else on my site is displaying properly. I’ve havent had a quiz widget before so have nothing to compare it to. I’m going to start again and give it another go now as its morning and see where i get. I’m attaching a screen shot of my preview post screen so you see what I’m getting instead of the whole quiz to see if that helps you. Thanks https://uploads.disquscdn.c…

30 December 2018 — 05:48 thread author - Mainy - @myrealfairy

I’ve now sorted it thanks, I wasn’t pressing ‘publish’ after each question, just ‘save’. It’s on now and great. Next step, adding pictures 🙂

30 December 2018 — 14:34 thread author - Mainy - @myrealfairy

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