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Hi I’ve cleaned cache and all my quizzes now show questi…

Published: December 15, 2020
Support status: closed


I’ve cleaned cache and all my quizzes now show questions with bold followed by lighter colour. Examples:



I read a previous reply to someone who had same issue and their cleaned cache helped but I’ve done that. No change. It was ok initially. Now it’s like double answer in each question.

Any ideas?

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thread author: Col McGowan

Hi Col,
did you clear your BROWSER cache? Because everything looks great on my end. Go to a quiz and press CRTL + F5 to force a reload.

here is a screenshot:

View post on imgur.com

So I think that the site itself is displaying and loading everything correctly, but your BROWSER is still caching the old systems.

15 December 2020 — 15:36 support admin - Dylan

Ctrl F5 done, refreshed everything, system on/off, cache purged. Still no change. CCleaner used too.



15 December 2020 — 15:46 thread author - Col McGowan

Sorry, better image


15 December 2020 — 15:48 thread author - Col McGowan

Another image from previous Quiz. https://ibb.co/Vqsq4C2

Restarted PCs again. Cleaned everything. Cache, cookies, F5 all done. Bizarre.

15 December 2020 — 16:06 thread author - Col McGowan

Thanks for the image. It 100% confirms that it is a cache issue, so at least we know we are looking in the right place.

Since we are now pretty damned sure that it is not your browser cache, that leaves only the site cache.

However, since when I go to the site, I can see that all of the correct files and styles are loading without issue. This tells us that the cache issue is localized. Normally I’d assume that the issue was CDN (content delivery network) based where certain CDN servers haven’t flushed their caches yet, but it doesn’t look like you are using Cloudflare DNS or a CDN on your site that I can tell.

Looking at your rendered source code I can see that the site is using sitegrounds optimizer. I think that the issue likely resides there. Some advice, cache plugins that come with your host are usually garbage. I strongly recommend disabling that plugin and installing something else such as WPFastest Cache. Not only will issues like this be far rarer, but you will almost certainly end up getting far better performance as well.

You also seem to be using a Divi theme? If so, Divi also has a cache that could be causing the issue for you. Try this: https://divitheme.net/clear-divi-cache/.

So what I think has happened is the following. Feel free to ignore this; it’s just “educational”.

When a file is loaded on a website, it is loaded using a URL. Example: domain.com/file.css. Your browser downloads that file and saves it to its cache so that it doesn’t need to re-download every time. So what if you make a change to that file? How do you tell the browser that it needs to download the file again to get the changes? We change the url of the file! Example: domain.com/file2.css.

HD Quiz uses the standard practice of appending the plugin version to the end of loaded files. This way when you update HD Quiz from 1.7, to 1.8, your browser knows that there is a new file to get. However, I notice on your site that ALL of your files have their versioning stripped away. My guess is that the sitegrounds optimizer doing this because it is far too overaggressive in caching everything.

Mix the above in with Divi creating its own cache of styles and you get the perfect storm of broken CSS.

so my advice? First, disable the sitegrounds plugin. Second, if enabled, disabled Divis CSS file generation. And last, install a real caching solution such as WP Fastest cache which will handle versioning, caching, lazy loading – everything for you in an entirly automated system.

15 December 2020 — 16:19 support admin - Dylan

Yay, I simply disabled the SG Optimizer plug in and now all is great. I’ll look into what else you write.
Thanks for great help

15 December 2020 — 17:14 thread author - Col McGowan

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