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Hi, Is it possible to make questions to be mandatory? I …

Published: January 14, 2020
Support status: closed


Is it possible to make questions to be mandatory? I mean, the user must answer, any answer, before going to the next question?

Thank you,

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thread author: Florin

It sure is, and there are many different ways this can work for you.

One of the easier ways is to disable all pagination settings. Then I can send you some custom code that will hide all questions except the first. Then only when the first question has been answered, will the next question appear – and so on until all questions have been completed.

14 January 2020 — 15:59 support admin - Dylan

Thank you very much, Dylan, please send the code.

I’m building/testing the quiz on a test domain before going into “production”

15 January 2020 — 02:06 thread author - Florin

Hi Dylan,

Still waiting for the code to force the user to answer, before going to the next question.
Also, please check a small problem I have, with scrolling down a little bit too much, every time the user is going to the next question (the question almost disappear, and the user must manually scroll up back a little, in order to be able to read the entire question).
I’m ok to modify .js/.css files (I have also inserted several css corrections in my “additional CSS” field customization, in order to increase the answer’s font, the font on the NEXT button and also on the timer). The page is password restricted (because it’s not ready yet), so please help me with a private method to send the link/pass to you (maybe e-mail?).

Thank you very much,

16 January 2020 — 05:51 thread author - Florin

Hi Florin,
HD Quiz inherits your theme’s CSS to style things like question title, labels etc, but I’m glad you are able to just add your own CSS to customize at will.

There shouldn’t be any scrolling issues, so that is a surprise. Do you by chance have a large sticky header? You can send me a link from my contact page at https://harmonicdesign.ca.

As for the code I said I’ll be sending, please be patient, it’s on its way. I built and support HD Quiz for free in my spare time, so custom coding an entire new feature for one user might take a couple of days 😉

16 January 2020 — 09:57 support admin - Dylan

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