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Hi, I’m using your plugin for my site. Congratulations it…

Published: December 31, 2021
Support status: closed

Hi, I’m using your plugin for my site. Congratulations it works really well!
I need to create many quizzes all with the same basic settings. Is it possible to change the default settings, so that the new quizzes are already set up as I want? Can you tell me which php file I can edit?
Many thanks

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thread author: Beniamino

Hi Beniamino,
I can help you with this, but I’d need to know which settings you’d like to make “default” across all quizzes. If you can let me know, I can send you some code you can add to your site that will automatically force those settings for all quizzes.

03 January 2022 — 16:48 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,
many thanks for your quick reply and for your availability. Below you can find the configuration i need in “quiz setting” for each new quiz i will create.


–> Quiz Pass Percentage = 100%
–> Hide all questions = YES
–> Quiz Pass text = [IT_right_answer_final]
–> Quiz Fail text = [IT_wrong_answer_final]

–> Highlight correct / incorrect selected answers on completion = YES
–> Show the correct answers on completion = NO
–> Immediately mark answer as correct or incorrect = YES
–> Stop users from changing their answers ​= YES
–> Always Show Incorrect Answer Text = NO

Leave as default

–> Share Quiz Results = NO
–> Show Results Above or Below Quiz = BELOW QUIZ
–> Randomize Question Order = NO
–> Randomize Answer Order = NO
–> Use Pool of Questions = LEAVE BLANK
–> WP Pagination = LEAVE BLANK

07 January 2022 — 06:48 thread author - Beniamino

Hi Dylan,
just another little thing. I use your csv importer for create new quiz and questions. The code you will provide to me will works also with the importer?
Many thanks.

07 January 2022 — 06:50 thread author - Beniamino

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