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Hi, I watched your tutorial and noticed an option for pa…

Published: December 19, 2020
Support status: closed

Hi, I watched your tutorial and noticed an option for page pagination – a new page for each question. Is it possible to have a space to place a google adsense code in there? In this fashion, a google ad would appear on each new page served.

When I watched your video, I knew that you were located in Canada by the way your pronounced some of your words 🙂


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thread author: robert

Hello from ??

When using the WP Pagination feature, the way it works is that each new set of questions is literally a new page. Since the adcode in HD Quiz only runs after every 5th question on a page, if you have WP Pagination set to anything less than 5, then the adcode will never have a chance to run.

However, if you are using this to load a new page for each question, then there is still a way to do this, but you’ll need to add some custom code to your theme’s function.php file. Always make a backup of this file in case you make a mistake editing it.

function hdq_robert_ad_wp_pagination()
add_action("hdq_before", "hdq_rober_ad_wp_pagination");

In the last line, hdq_before will place the ad before the question. You can change this to hdq_after if you want to display the ad after instead.

20 December 2020 — 17:02 support admin - Dylan

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