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Hi I was pointed to your plugin, as I create online quizz…

Published: August 12, 2022
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I was pointed to your plugin, as I create online quizzes from time to time.
I really like your plugin for it’s simplicity and elegance, but two additional features would make it great.
First, grouping of questions (like C4nv4s LMS has), so one can for example create 3 groups of questions, 10 questions in each group, and ask the attendee 3 random questions from each group. (Maybe this is possible by combining 3 quizzes in HD Quiz, but I could not figure it out. The point is when the attendee completes all 9 questions from three groups, he gets a single result.)
Second great feature would be weighting of questions. (For example one question is worth five points, other only one etc.)
Is something like this in your development roadmap?
Best regards,

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thread author: Neven

Hi Neven,
Unfortunately, both of your requests are BIG ones. Although many people use HD Quiz for students, it is not an LMS plugin.

Grouping questions with randomization is not possible with HD Quiz and likely never will be. I’ve done paid custom work to HD Quiz for some users to enable “chaining” quizzes together before, but such functionality is very specific to whatever your needs are and would be far too much work to build into HD Quiz as a core feature. You can use questions as “titles” to help group questions together into categories, but if you use randomization then this would not work.

MAYBE (just an idea!), for your use case, instead of randomizing the questions in a single quiz, you can randomize the quizzes instead. So you’d create multiple variations of the same quiz (use the bulk modify questions page to reuse the same question and add it to multiple quizzes), and then randomly load one of them on page load.

Your second request for Weighted questions (in actuality, it’s the answers that would be weighted) is also a huge request, but the good news is that it is actively being worked on and will be included in the next major release of HD Quiz (2.0). This release is FAR out though and won’t be ready until the new year.

12 August 2022 — 13:53 support admin - Dylan

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