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Hi. I started using your HD quiz plugin and it is amazing…

Published: December 17, 2022
Support status: closed

Hi. I started using your HD quiz plugin and it is amazing! I have just one question: Why can not I we put more than one HD quiz on a single page? I have been writing a post and wanted to include two tests, and I have seen the warning message, due to the complexity of HD quiz. However, is there any kind of solution that could possibly allow us to do that on a page? A code or something? Thank you. Regards.

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thread author: Pablo

Hi Pablo,
sorry but as the message states, you cannot have more than one quiz on a single page. This is because HD Quiz has many customizations and features that other plugins do not have, and some of these features would break if there were more than a single quiz on a page (timers, randomized orders, WP Pagination etc).

Your best option is to add one quiz per page/post, then create a central page where you can link to each of the other pages directly (in this case, your post/article would be that central page).

If you are feeling fancy or adventurous, you can experiment with iframes to load these quizzes. But this would take some setup on your part. You’d want to create a new custom page template that only has wp_head(), the_content() and wp_footer() on it so that the page renders with the quiz and nothing else (so it won’t have your navigation or anything). Then you can use an iFrame to embed these pages into your article. iFrames have a lot of drawbacks though, so your mileage may vary.

20 December 2022 — 14:34 support admin - Dylan

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