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Hi, I need help. Randomize Question Order is not working …

Published: October 30, 2022
Support status: closed

Hi, I need help.
Randomize Question Order is not working in HDquiz.
I have 104 questions, it is activated in ¨Randomize Questio Order¨ It is configured to use 30 in ¨POOL of questions¨. the ¨WP pagination¨ is in 0
And also it is ¨Randomize Anzswer Order¨ activated.
Randomize is NOT working every time I load the page, but it does if I delete the Chache from my page and go back in.
A few months ago when I installed it it worked perfectly. Then it stopped working without making changes to the web.

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thread author: Fabriccio

Hi Fabriccio,
You’ve already figured out the issue: You are caching the page.

When a page is cached, HD Quiz no longer loads and WordPress itself no longer loads. Instead, the static cached page loads.

So what is happening is that the first time the page loads, HD Quiz loads up and randomizes the question order. Your caching plugin then saves the page exactly as it is and shows that exact version of your page to all users. This is why the quiz no longer randomizes – your cache plugin is showing the cached version.

So how to fix?

The exact way will change depending on what caching plugin you are using, but every major caching plugin for WordPress will have an option that allows you to exclude certain pages from being cached. I suggest finding this feature in whatever cache plugin you use and adding the URLs of the pages with your quizzes to the excludes list. This way HD Quiz will actually load and be able to randomize on each page load.

30 October 2022 — 18:57 support admin - Dylan

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