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Hi, i have been using the plugin for some time now and my…

Published: April 27, 2022
Support status: closed

Hi, i have been using the plugin for some time now and my websitepages are rather static. I have had no problem updating and following the new releases of the plugin exept for the two last versions. I have checked the functionality after upgrading other stuff such as theme and plugins and leaving HD Quiz to the last one both times. But i have had to do a backup restore after both last version. I have buttons with links on my pages linking to internal pages in a treestructure (with subpages ) The problem semes to be that after installing HD Quiz all the button links are changed on my pages. Example URLs like my_site/ovningar-utiltalk/grunder/rakneord/rakneord-1-20/ are changed to my_site/rakneord-1-20/. The part /ovningar-utiltalk/grunder/rakneord/ is removed. I have not made any changes to my pages and site for a long time and had no problem with previous versions of the plugin. Any idéas.

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thread author: Christer

Hi Christer,
If I understand your issue here, it’s that your page permalinks (the URLs) are changing? Or are the permalinks staying the same, but your button links are changing?

Either way is weird because HD Quiz does not have any effect on that. In fact, HD Quiz doesn’t even have any publically facing pages (like, creating a quiz or question does not add a new public page to the site – you need to add the quiz to an existing page). Furthermore, the last three versions were almost exclusively javascript (client-side) code updates – nothing to do with WordPress stuff.

Without further information, right now my best guess is that your site either has a permalink corruption or you have some other very poorly coded function somewhere on your site that is rewriting your internal links. All I can do is let you know that:

A) HD Quiz absolutely 100% in no way edits or modifies the content of your site in any way, shape, or form OTHER than what is displayed inside the quiz itself. It certainly does not go through your site content to change links or anything else!

B) You can try to reflush your permalinks. Go to Settings-> Permalinks, and make sure you have your desired structure set up. Even if it looks good, make sure to Save Changes to force the permalinks to flush.

27 April 2022 — 17:00 support admin - Dylan

Thanks for your answer! Yes the permalinks are staying the same, but my button links have been changed. After installing the new version of HD Quiz the buttons get 404 error can not finding the supposed pages and when I check the button links theire url:s has been changed as explained above. Really strange!

28 April 2022 — 05:08 thread author - Christer

That certainly is! As I said, HD Quiz does not change links or anything like that in any way.

First, you have a function somewhere on your site (either theme or another plugin) that is doing the re-writing. This is guaranteed. The question is why is HD Quiz triggering this function to run?

My best guess is that whatever this function is, it hooks into WordPress’ register_post_type call and attempts to rewrite your internal content links. Why this function exists on your site, I have no idea, but since this is something super specific to you, my instincts tell me that it’s probably your theme. Are you using a custom theme, or had a developer modify it before?

Something you can do to test is to temporarily change your theme to do the default theme and see if the links still get changed after upgrading. If they do, then we know that the rewrite is caused by one of your plugins. If the links stay the same, then we have at least narrowed this down to your theme.

28 April 2022 — 11:47 support admin - Dylan

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