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hi, i have a problem with the plugin. it doesn’t autom…

Published: March 3, 2019
Support status: closed

hi, i have a problem with the plugin. it doesn’t automatically scroll to the results on some devices. but it stops at the footer or on a random question.the link is:


can you help me?

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thread author: timon93

Hi timon93,I just checked your site and it is working for me across all of my devices.

Can you be more specific on what devices are failing? Please provide device, operating system, and browser used and I’ll see if I can debug it.

03 March 2019 — 13:58 support admin - Dylan

iPhone XGoogle ChromeiOS 12.1.4

03 March 2019 — 16:03 thread author - timon93

let me know if you can help me with this, thank you so much

04 March 2019 — 11:17 thread author - timon93

Hi Timon93,I’ll be looking into this, but device specific bugs are hard to track down. It works on my girlfriends iPhone X using chrome, but she sees the same issues you do on your site. This means that whatever the issue is, its a combination bug – an issue that specifically affects iPhones that is triggered by something on your site.

Debugging someones site is fully out of the scope of support, but let’s be honest – I usually do it for people anyways 🙂

I cannot promise that I’ll be able to track down the issue for you, but If I come up with any ideas or solutions, I’ll notify you with the update.

04 March 2019 — 11:36 support admin - Dylan

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