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Hi. I am using your Quiz plug in but it is not showing…

Published: February 16, 2019
Support status: closed

Hi. I am using your Quiz plug in but it is not showing any result after completing the quiz. I’ve double checked all the settings and everything looks fine. Can you check it please? https://www.learnenglishtea…

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thread author: Keen Kisu

Hi Keen,The issue is that there are some javascript errors on your site that is breaking HD Quiz. What’s interesting is that the errors are because HD Quiz expects certain variables to be printed on your site, and when you submit the quiz, it looks for these variables, but is unable to find them. However, looking at your site, I can see that these variables are printed correctly, and there is no reason why your site should be unable to access them. :S

This makes no sense to me, and is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this. If I wasn’t looking at it myself I would have said that an issue like this is impossible! It’s like somehow, via magic perhaps, HD Quiz is initialising before your site even loads the initial HTML.

Actually – looking further into this, I think I found the problem, but I cannot know for sure what the cause is – probably some SEO plugin you are using.

One of the needed variables is called hdq_quiz_name, and this variable is used for the social sharing feature. By default, the value of this variable is just the name of your page, and uses WordPress’ get_the_title(); function – which only returns the title of the page in plain text.

Here is what this value should be for you.let hdq_quiz_name = "98% Of Americans Cannot Complete These 15 Basic Phrases";

Here is what the actual value is on your pagelet hdq_quiz_name = "98% Of Americans Cannot Complete These 15 Basic Phrases";

For whatever reason, your site is overriding a WordPress native and core function, and wrapping the result in the permalink (URL) of the page as well. It is this that is breaking HD Quiz. I wish I could offer you a solution, but unfortunately, this is not something I can control or fix on my side, as it is either your theme, or another plugin that is introducing this.

The first thing I’d do is look at any SEO plugins, or JetPack to see if there is an option enabled to automatically wrap page names in links or something similar, and to also check your theme to see if maybe it has a built in option. If you cannot find this, then I can give you instructions on how to modify HD Quiz so that it will remove that variable altogher. Just note that doing this will have two down sides. 1) When someone shares the quiz, the share dialogie will not automatically contain the name of the quiz, and 2) you would need to make this small modification each time you update HD Quiz.

16 February 2019 — 21:14 support admin - Dylan

Hey Dylan.

First thing is, I really appreciated your support. I admire people like you. Between all your personal stuff, you took some time and checked my problem. Thanks for that!!

Your plug-in is great. It is sad to hear my old boy can’t use it.

I am going to check some other options then. and will come back in future for my possible next website for sure.



17 February 2019 — 16:09 thread author - Keen Kisu

If you are enjoying HD Quiz please leave a review here on the official WordPress.org page. HD Quiz is developed by me, just some dude, and is supported and available for free. It may seem dumb, but truly nothing makes me happier than knowing that people are using and loving HD Quiz and my hard work.

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