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Hi. I am using HD Quiz on a site where users have to view…

Published: February 20, 2021
Support status: closed

Hi. I am using HD Quiz on a site where users have to view information on the web page and then use that info to answer the questions. Upon correctly answering the questions the quiz feedback screen provides them with the link to the next ‘challenge’ along with a password in order to access that page. I am using a simple plugin (Passster) to lock each page so the user must enter the password gained from successfully completing the previous quiz to access the next challenge. However I think that this may be causing a conflict as the quiz does not load automatically and instead the text ‘START QUIZ’ appears which has to be clicked to then launch the quiz.

Is it possible to change this text to read something else or even better is there a way to bypass this and automatically load the quiz on password protected pages? Thanks for your time.

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thread author: Rob C

Hi Rob,
first – I’m just curious: why a password? Since you need to pass the quiz to obtain the password, why not just skip the password and only provide the link to the next quiz if the user passes. So this way only users who pass your quiz will have access to the link to the next quiz – basically just as secure as your password setup but with fewer steps.

There are really two times that the START QUIZ button will appear. The first is if you are using a quiz timer, and the second is if we detect that the quiz is on an archive (blog list/category) page. Without a link so I can see this behavior on your site I cannot say which of these situations is causing the button for you. However, with that said, HD Quiz does come with some basic “translation” options.

Under HD Quiz -> About / Options -> Translation, you will be able to change the text of the buttons.

22 February 2021 — 13:05 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the reply. We set the pages up as password protected because they form part of a virtual quiz where teams work their way through a series of ‘challenges’. On each challenge page there are a number of media objects such as videos to watch, text to read and downloadable pdf files etc all providing information. The teams (who are all working virtually on Zoom) must work together to gather the clue etc and then answer the quiz questions 100% correctly to proceed to the next challenge. The whole event has a moderator who oversees things as multiple teams race each other to get through the challenges.

The reason for the extra password was to ensure that teams didn’t cheat and jump ahead to the next challenge by guessing the page URL as they were set up as the challenge names. As you stated in the quiz feedback screen the link for the next challenge is displayed but we just wanted to be sure that there was no cheating. I think that we might just append a random set of numbers to each URL so that it is almost impossible to guess.

The quizzes do not have a timer and are not set up on blog list/category pages. They are on a custom post type but as far as I can tell the only time the issue arises is when I password protect the page so I think there is a conflict somewhere.

Thanks for your help – I didn’t spot the translation options so will check with the client to see what their preferred solution is.

22 February 2021 — 13:26 thread author - Rob C

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