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Hi Firstly love plugging finding a few minor glitches t…

Published: March 17, 2020
Support status: closed


Firstly love plugging finding a few minor glitches to see where I can really take it using our content happy to share once complete. I cant seem to find answer on a minor bug.

I have set up 4 quizzes 20 in each. I have selected no to random selection and this is my prefered option however on only 1 of my quizzes I can’t turn OFF the random selection which is causing me some problems. Any solution greatly appreciated !

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thread author: spencer

Hi spencer,
can you please further explain the problem?

There are three different randomization settings.

Randomize Question Order, Randomize Answer Order, and the Use Pool of Questions options. Which one of these are you having trouble with?

What is the actual issue? Is it that you are disabling one of these features, but when you save the quiz, the feature is still toggled as on? Or does the setting page correclty show that the feature is not active, but the quiz itself still shows questions in a random order?

17 March 2020 — 17:09 support admin - Dylan

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