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Hi Dylan, thank you for your good work. Your add-on is re…

Published: July 14, 2022
Support status: closed

Hi Dylan, thank you for your good work. Your add-on is really great, but it would be even more useful for me (but I think for others too) if it had one more small feature. I’m using it for my own study before exams and I’d love to be able to import from a CSV file not only questions with answer choices but also rationale for the answers. Of course, now this can be done by adding rationale to each question manually in the Extra text field after importing the whole pack, but if you have 500 of them it is a very tedious job.
I exported my quizzes with the WP Export tool to an XML file and saw that all the quiz data (questions, answers, extra_text, config, etc.) is serialized and put into meta_value, so I suspect that adding that one more field to the CSV Import is doable and hopefully not difficult.

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thread author: Grott Gera

Hi Grott,
CSV files are plain text and cannot contain formatting such as bold, links, images etc. There are of course technically ways to get around this, but such methods would be extremely unfriendly for most users.

Because of this the CSV import only imports the main question fields that do not allow rich text formatting – except that is a lie. I only advertise the plain text fields for the reason above.

For use cases like yours, the importer actually uses column 14 (N) to grab the extra text – the caveat being that it will be plain text and will strip out any formatting.

14 July 2022 — 11:27 support admin - Dylan

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