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Hi Dylan, I made my first quiz and that is very noce than…

Published: March 15, 2021
Support status: closed

Hi Dylan,
I made my first quiz and that is very noce thank you. But I made it in dutch and I can traslate certain parts but on facebook it shows this:

"I scored 10 / 10 on the Kwis: Eten van over de hele wereld - deel 1 quiz. Can you beat me?"

I would like to know where I can translate this part. I also use loco translate but I cannot find this sentence anywhere.
Could you help me with this please?

Kind regards,

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thread author: Patricia

Hi Patricia, unlike the other translation options which are just replacing a single word, allowing translation of that text is a LOT harder since it has a variable (the user’s score) in the middle. With that said, the next version WILL have an option for this, but currently, the only way to update that text is to edit the plugin directly.

If you want to edit the plugin directly, please edit ./hd-quiz/includes/hdq_script.js and allllll the way at the bottom on line 917 you will see the text that you can change

16 March 2021 — 00:06 support admin - Dylan

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