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Hi Dylan, Great plugin! Our only issue is color control….

Published: August 13, 2020
Support status: closed

Hi Dylan, Great plugin! Our only issue is color control. We have added our lead intake from to appear after the quiz has concluded but the background color is the light grey of the quiz overriding the color in our coding. I have tried to fix this and checked previous posts for a fix but no luck. Is there a way to correct this? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Quick upgrade suggestions: Next time you do an upgrade can you set the quiz up so all answer can be right or all answer can be wrong and allow different popup comments based upon the answer they select as correct? Some questions are subjective and there is no correct answer. Thank you!

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thread author: Mark MacFarlane

Hi Mark,
there is nothing that I can do about that from within HD Quiz since you added your form TO HD Quiz. The way CSS works is that the “parent” conrols the “children” (in this case, HD Quiz is the parent and the form is a child). You will need to add custom CSS to your site in order to “fix” this for you. I wish there was something I could do on my end, but this is unfortunately just how websites work. My best suggestion is to move your form OUTSIDE of HD Quiz so that it inherits the styles of your theme. For example, add the form to a new page, then add a link to that page from the HD Quiz Pass / Fail custom text.

As for your suggestions – HD Quiz 1.8x was a big upgrade and one of the largest changes was to allow for differing “question types”. This new system will allow for me to create additional types of questions in future updates such as “select all that apply” etc. It shoudl really open up HD Quiz to some pretty cool things!

13 August 2020 — 16:44 support admin - Dylan

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