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Hi, Can we show the pass/fail result on the basis of per…

Published: April 14, 2022
Support status: closed


Can we show the pass/fail result on the basis of percentage? like if a user gets 50% the display result will be different and if score is 100% the display different result.

I hope its possible!!!

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thread author: Asad

Please ignore my previous reply – I misunderstood the question.

Unfortunately, you cannot do what you are asking in HD Quiz at the moment but this is an expected feature for the next major release of HD Quiz (no timeline). I am calling the feature “dynamic results”, where instead of just having a pass/fail result, we can have a tiered list or “thresholds” to show custom result text.

15 April 2022 — 11:24 support admin - Dylan

Awesome!! Hope to see the next update very soon!

15 April 2022 — 20:30 thread author - Asad

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