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Hey, I am creating a quiz which as a result would filter …

Published: March 29, 2022
Support status: closed

Hey, I am creating a quiz which as a result would filter product catalog and show the filtered products. I understand that this is not what HD quiz is created to accomplish, but I tihnk that I just need to pass certain parameters (category slug, tag ) to a wp query and display results, but would it be possible to generate those args and pass it to wp_query?
Also do you know if it is compatible with WPML plugin? Thanks a lot for your work, I would love to try it out!

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thread author: Giedrius

Hi Giedrius,
this depends on how your site is set up, but WooCommerve allows you to filter products based on URL parameters.

So for example, a URL like /product-category/*****?product_tag=******* should show only products in that category and that has that tag (replacing the ** with the slugs of course). You can use this instead of messing with wp_query.

However, you’ll probably want to redirect to whatever page you want once the quiz has been completed right? Take a look at this old thread to see how you can hook into HD Quiz to detect when the quiz has been completed and to redirect to a new page:


31 March 2022 — 16:34 support admin - Dylan

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