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HelloJust started using the plugin for an educatio…

Published: March 21, 2017
Support status: closed

HelloJust started using the plugin for an education website and it is excellent.My first question is about the layout of the questions. Is there a way to control the font size of the questions and the width of the box around the questions?The second one is whether it is possible to get a printout of the questions with the correct answers?Thanks again.Tom Farrell

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thread author: Tom Farrell

Hello Tom,fonts and colors can be easily changed via CSS. You can edit the following and add it to your theme’s style sheet.#hdQuestionnaireContent {max-width: xxxxpx !important;} /// replace xxxx with the new max width you want#hdQuestionnaireContent .question h3 {font-size: xxxxpx !important;} // replace xxxx with the new font size of the question title#hdQuestionnaireContent label {font-size: xxxxpx !important;} // replace xxxx with the new font size of the answers

If by ‘print out’ you mean once the user has completed the quiz, the quiz will show all questions and what the correct answer was, then you can do this by editing the quiz at Hd Quiz -> Quizzes -> select name of your quiz. This will take you to the settings and options for individual quizzes. In there, you will see an option for “Highlight the correct answers on completion”. Enable this 🙂

21 March 2017 — 10:53 support admin - Dylan

Dylan, I tried this with the CSS and it made no difference. Can I send you a copy of my CSS file?

21 March 2017 — 16:39 thread author - Tom Farrell

Hi Tom,probably much easier if you can send me a link to the quiz. I’ll be able to provide you with exact code then.

21 March 2017 — 16:53 support admin - Dylan
14 April 2017 — 15:30 thread author - Tom Farrell

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