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Hello. Thx for your wp add-on. It’s excellent ! Where can…

Published: July 4, 2022
Support status: closed

Hello. Thx for your wp add-on. It’s excellent ! Where can I find a tuto to create the good Facebook API for sharing with score, I’m trying to do it, but no success, there’s a lot pf possibilities in Facebook Devleopper’s site. Thx.

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thread author: Audry Hantson

Hi Audry,
supporting the Facebook APP ID is not something I can really do because A) I am not Facebook, and B) Facebook changes the rules and page layouts all the time.

This previous thread from last month will hopefully get you pointed in the correct direction though.

If you go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/create/ you will be asked to select an APP type. You can select “none”. Once created, go to Settings -> Basic, and fill out the needed details. Start the Verification process, and once approved you can toggle the App from “In development” to “live”.

I wish I could provide an actual tutorial on how to do this, but Facebook changes their pages and layouts so often it’s just too hard to keep up. The top three results on Google are all showing the old way – I can’t find any tutorial that actually shows the current layout -.-

Outside of the above, your best bet is to try and find an article on how to create an APP ID that is hopefully updated enough to follow.

04 July 2022 — 18:01 support admin - Dylan

Thx ! I will try ! Thx very much !

05 July 2022 — 01:29 thread author - Audry Hantson

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