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Hello, Sirs, I am new to the Styler add-on. Its a very ni…

Published: February 6, 2022
Support status: closed

Hello, Sirs, I am new to the Styler add-on. Its a very nice plugin.
However, I can’t change the font face for the answers, even with the “Styler” add-on. I mean, The anwers are displayed with some fontface like “monotype” or “courier”. Is there any way to change to Raleway Font, Roboto, Montserrat or any other goole fonts that I use in my web site? Thank you in advance.

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thread author: Musse Jereissati

Hi Musse,
by default, HD Quiz inherits the fonts directly from your theme. Since you are saying that it’s using monospace for you – I have a feeling that when you pasted the shortcode you ALSO pasted the <code> formatting. So your entire quiz is wrapped around a code block.

Please provide a link to a quiz and I’ll take a look to confirm. If you need more help, please contact me using the support link found on the styler page. The styler addon has a section for “Custom CSS”, so if needed, I can write some custom CSS that you can paste there to force the fonts.

06 February 2022 — 13:38 support admin - Dylan

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