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hello sir, i have using HD QUIZ. it’s amazing. but after …

Published: March 28, 2022
Support status: closed

hello sir, i have using HD QUIZ. it’s amazing. but after a pool of question, how can i start next pool of questio?
can please help me out.
thank you

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thread author: MD. kALIM

there is no “next pool” – that’s not how the feature works.

The Pool of Questions RANDOMLY grabs x amount of questions from the quiz and displays it as a full quiz.

I think what you are looking for is actually pagination if you want to be able to have ALL of your questions. So if you set WP Pagination to 20 then 20 questions will display, and clicking the the “next” button will then display the next 20 and so on until all questions have shown. Just note that you cannot randomize question order with WP Pagination.

If the above is not what you are looking for and you instead want to restart the quiz with a new set of random questions, then I recommend simply adding a link back to the quiz/page in the results Pass/Fail text to retake the quiz. This way the page will reload when a user selects it and a new quiz will be shown

31 March 2022 — 16:38 support admin - Dylan

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