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Hello, nice, simple to use plugin :) Little problem, I ha…

Published: October 22, 2021
Support status: closed

Hello, nice, simple to use plugin 🙂
Little problem, I have created a quiz that so far has four questions, but now when I click the ‘quiz settings’ button, no settings appear, but they do if I create a new quiz. Using Chrome.

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thread author: Rich

Hi Rich,
unfortunately, this is a problem I’ve never come across before and would be unable to fix without being able to actually debug your site.

The good news is that it should be relatively easy to create a brand new quiz and bring over the existing questions.

  1. Create a new quiz
  2. Select the “bulk modify questions” button
  3. Check off all questions from the old quiz. Now above the table you will see a dropdown “Bulk Actions”. Change this to “edit” then click on Apply
  4. You can now check off the new quiz name under the quizzes box. Press the blue update button to save.

And with those 4 steps, you’ve now created a new quiz and added all of your old questions to it. You can then edit your quiz to reset up your settings again.

(also bonus. If you have more than one quiz, then on the quizzes column of the bulk edit page, you can click on the name of the quiz so that the table filters only the questions that belong to that quiz. It will be a faster way for you to find and select the needed questions)

22 October 2021 — 13:59 support admin - Dylan

Thanks Dylan.
Another minor issue, is that when I go into ‘Questions’, next to the Quiz setting’ button and click one of the questions, no matter which one I click, it always goes into question 1. I have to manually drag the question away to go into it. Perhaps it’s a browser thing, not tried it in another browser yet.


23 October 2021 — 11:57 thread author - Rich

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