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Hello! I’m trying to import questions from csv file but t…

Published: May 29, 2020
Support status: closed

Hello! I’m trying to import questions from csv file but the plugin isn’t importing all of my questions. What’s the fix?

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thread author: Abdullah B.

Hi Abdullah,
there are soooo many things that could stop the import from working correctly depending on your own site and server setup, but there are two main places to look.

The first is the CSV file. Figure out what line the import is failing at and take a look at your CSV file to see if there are any special characters or similar that would cause the CSV file to not be valid.

The second is with your own server/host. It’s possible that your server/host has some form of “anti-spam” protection that is kicking in and stopping the import before it finishes. If this is the case, you can try what another user did with success.

When I imported first time, only 242 of 361 got imported.
Then I deleted those 242 from my file and imported again It imported rest of the 71

29 May 2020 — 10:57 support admin - Dylan

Hello Dylan and Thanks for your quick response.

About the CSV File, All the lines are correct and I can’t see anything wrong. I tried to create a file with 10 questions to test, the problem still persists, It’s only importing 2 questions at a time, same thing happens with a 40 question file, It’s only importing 2 questions.
Encoding is UTF-8, Is that correct?

About the server, Right now I’m hosting my WordPress website on my computer using XAMPP to test and prepare my website correctly before starting online, I don’t think XAMPP have a spam filter, I’ll try to use a different local server app and an online server to check if problem still persists.

Thank you 🙂

31 May 2020 — 11:33 thread author - Abdullah B.

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