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Hello. I was trying to use your plug in HD Quiz, but afte…

Published: February 18, 2020
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Hello. I was trying to use your plug in HD Quiz, but after setting up a quiz and testing it, I have a problem.
When you click on an answer, the slider icon never changes, so it doesn’t look like it accepted your answer.
However, if you hit next and complete the quiz, the answers were accepted.
Can you suggest a way to make it so the answers look as if they are selected?

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thread author: Michael

Hi Michael,
by default, it is EXTREMELY obvious when an answer is selected. If it is not for you then it would be because either your theme or another plugin is overriding the way labels look and behave on your site. This type of thing is usually pretty easy to fix with some custom CSS, but I’d need to see a link to a quiz to help further

18 February 2020 — 18:36 support admin - Dylan

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