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Hello, I use HD but this is what I want, maybe youn can h…

Published: March 6, 2021
Support status: closed

Hello, I use HD but this is what I want, maybe youn can help me.
I use the quiz with a board game and every player has to solve every time after throwing the dice an question. They can choose out of several colums (see www.mextvmuziekquiz.nl)
What i want is that every time 1 question appaers on a page and after solving it (right or wrong) they return back to the homepage.
the next time they must see a different question.
Is that possible? I use now WP Pagination with 1 q p/page but then every time the same question appaers..
Thanks for your reply.

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thread author: Coen van Hoevelaak (Holland)

Hello Coen,
it sounds to me like what you really want is the Pool Of Questions feature. Disable WP Pagination (set to 0) and set Pool of Questions to 1. This will make it so that each time the quiz loads, a single random question will be grabbed from the quiz. Just note that random means RANDOM – it’s possible a user will get repeats.

06 March 2021 — 13:27 support admin - Dylan

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