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Hello I have the setting set to where people can change t…

Published: August 10, 2021
Support status: closed

Hello I have the setting set to where people can change their answer but it does not seem to work. Great quiz plugin if I can get this part to work it would be perfect.


I put it at the top on my test page.

I tried it in incognito mode logged out and it still doesn not allow me to chnage an answer after marked right or wrong.

Is there a setting to re-take quiz? Maybe leaving correct answers? If I could allow them to change the incorrect answers , this would work as well.


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thread author: Nick

Hi Nick,
there is no option to allow a user to redo their answer once the question has been marked… that would void the entire point of a quiz.

Some ideas that might work better for you:

Your quiz settings has “Immediately mark answer as correct or incorrect” enabled. Maybe you might want to disable this feature so that the user can change their answer as many times as they want before submitting the quiz and finding their score. Alternatively, you can enable the “Show the correct answers on completion” feature so that when the user enters the incorrect answer, the question will display what the correct answer was.

10 August 2021 — 14:55 support admin - Dylan

Thanks Dylan,

Our quiz is meant for a scavenger hunt some we wanted the people to see if they had the right answers. So I see what you are saying that it voids the quiz but we were using it for just checking answers.

I notice you can find all the answers in the source code too so this will not work due to the large amount of bitcoin we will be putting up in the treasure hunts. We cant have coders just look in the code for the answers to the quizzes.

Thank you for your quick reply and suggestions though.

10 August 2021 — 15:28 thread author - Nick

So once the user gets all the answers and they see they are right. They go to a crypto wallet, insert all the right seed phrases and get access to the wallet to transfer the cryptocurrency out.

So we need the answers to be hidden, but we want them to know if they have the answer correct so they can move to the next question If this makes sense.

10 August 2021 — 15:32 thread author - Nick

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