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Hello, Great Plugin! I have over 80 quizzes developed so…

Published: January 23, 2021
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Hello, Great Plugin!

I have over 80 quizzes developed so far. They work great. Most quizzes are used as a learning aid and I don’t care about how well someone did on the quiz. But in a few instances, I need to track and store the results in a separate table. How would I go about trapping and retrieving the score for a specific quiz/user? I need to record the results for only a limited number of specific quizzes. Users must pass these quizzes (they’re examinations) in order to achieve specific certifications. Their score needs to be incorporated into their permanent record. I have an extensive custom plugin for my site, so I’m able to do about anything needed to capture this data. Obviously, I could update your code to call into my plugin, but that’s lame and I need a more permanent solution.

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thread author: Rich Munson

Hi Rich,
take a look at the HD Quiz -> Addons page. There are two addons listed there that might pique your interest.

The first is the Save Results Light addon. This addon is completely free and will keep track of whenever someone completes a quiz. It will store: date/time, username (if the user is logged in), quiz name, score, and if the quiz was passed or failed. If your user are logged in, then you could use this for yur purposes. It will track ALL quizzes, but you can export the data and sort using excel or Google docs etc.

The second is the upcoming Save Results Pro addon (to be released any day now!). This is a far more advanced addon (feel free to view the tutorial / demo video to get an idea of what you can do with it), but for your use case, the following is the most relevant.

A) You can request user information such as the quiz taker’s name or email address.
B) The table is fully sortable, making it super easy to only see results from certain quizzes
C) Automatic emails – you can be notified via email each time a quiz has been completed
D) Not only will you get the final score of each quiz, but you’ll be able to see which answers were correct and which were wrong etc.

23 January 2021 — 15:07 support admin - Dylan

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