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hello first I want to thank for this awesome plug-in ( t…

Published: March 15, 2021
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first I want to thank for this awesome plug-in ( that is 100 percent free unlike other plugins ) next ; I wanted to say is there a way that when you answer a question there would be a next page link for the second question ( like I am giving a quiz but I can only see one question at a time ) then I could go to the next question so visitors won’t cheat by seeing all the questions at once. if this is possible I did not see it in the tutorial video; how ever if this option is not included I would be so much happy to see it at the next update; thank you for your support.

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thread author: mohammad

I think you are looking for the “pagination” option. Enabling this on a question will hide the questions after it behind a “next” button. Paginate can be enabled on each question under the “extra” tab.

16 March 2021 — 00:09 support admin - Dylan

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