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Hello. At the end of the quiz, the Share Your Score li…

Published: March 17, 2018
Support status: closed

Hello. At the end of the quiz, the Share Your Score link does not display and both Share Your Score images also do not display. Is that something you are seeing elsewhere or do I have a plugin conflict? http://inthe1980s.com/80s-t…

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thread author: Jim Hedd

Hi Jim,can you please take a look at the edit quiz page “Quiz pass text” and “Quiz fail text” setting. Looking at your site and the quiz results, it looks like you have broken HTML in those fields. I’m not sure how you managed to do that haha, but my guess is you copy/pasted links or something in, but the source was broken.

IF you are comfortable, you can email me login credentials to your site and I can take a quick look and fix if necessary.

17 March 2018 — 11:55 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan. Sure thing. What email address should I send it to?

17 March 2018 — 12:04 thread author - Jim Hedd

you can send it to dylan (at) harmonicdesign.ca

17 March 2018 — 12:05 support admin - Dylan

Sent. Let me know if you never got it.

17 March 2018 — 12:30 thread author - Jim Hedd

You should be good to go now! The problem was actually with the Facebook Share. The module will take your custom quiz text and use it to post to facebook, but since you had links in yours, it was messing with the javascript. It should be all fixed now though 🙂

17 March 2018 — 13:32 support admin - Dylan

Excellent! Thank you so much! Just to confirm, it doesn’t show the score when you share on Facebook, correct? I see that it does on Twitter.

17 March 2018 — 13:36 thread author - Jim Hedd

No problem!

It’s possible to share the score with Facebook, but you have to use an facebook app to do it. In HD Quiz Options, you can set the app id there, which it looks like you might have already done. Once your app goes to “live”, it should work, but since you are also using facebook comments, there might be some conflicts. I’ve found FB integration to be a bit of a hit or a miss. There are just too many other plugins and services that can interfere with it.

17 March 2018 — 13:40 support admin - Dylan

Understood. Thanks!

17 March 2018 — 14:07 thread author - Jim Hedd

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