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Dylan, I’m trying to use your plugin for an special requ…

Published: January 29, 2020
Support status: closed

I’m trying to use your plugin for an special requirement: go to the end of the quiz if the number of correct answers is equal to 6… for example a quiz with 10 questions, if the user answers are correct on questions 1 to 6 , that would be a pass and no need to answer the rest of the questions taking the user to a successful message.

Maybe a condition when going to the next question by checking qty corrects answers?

Thanks for you time!

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thread author: Alex de la Rosa

Hi Alex,
this is a difficult case but IS possible if you are willing to add some custom code.

If you can show me an example of the quiz and let me know which questions need to get removed, I can take a crack at this for you

31 January 2020 — 11:32 support admin - Dylan

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