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Dylan- After updating from v1.8 to 1.81, everything is wo…

Published: June 7, 2020
Support status: closed

After updating from v1.8 to 1.81, everything is working find. But,I just noticed that the Results add on is no longer visible. There’s a message on the admin page saying that I need to update my “quiz and question data” to be compatible with this version. I have more than 60 questions, so I need to run the manual upgrade tool, as instructed.
Before doing that, I just wanted some confirmation. I’m a bit surprised that this needs to be updated again, since I did this when I installed v1.8. When I first saw the message after updating to v1.81 I assumed that it was left over from before, and I ignored it. But after noticing that the Results add-on isn’t working, I guess I do need to run the upgrade tool again. Please confirm.
Will this quiz/question reformatting be necessary on future program revisions or is this just a result of the recent major update (to 1.8, 1.81)?

Thanks again!

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thread author: Larry

Hi Larry,
this is interesting. The message you are getting – does it appear on all pages or just the HD Quiz page? If just the HD Quiz page, then it’s safe to dismiss the message as it’s just a notice for those who may be upgrading for the first time.

As for the save results addon – can you confirm that the addons plugin is active?

07 June 2020 — 19:55 support admin - Dylan

The message is only appearing on the HD Quiz page. But it does say “thank you for upgrading to v 1.81” (not 1.8). Anyway, all is working, so I’ll just click the “OK- I understand…” button and ignore the message. But FYI- something in the upgrade triggered this message to reappear even though I had already “updated my quiz and question data” after the update to v1.8.

Regarding the Save Results addon… oops- the plugin WAS de-activated. I activated it and it’s working now. I don’t know how it became de-activated though; I’m assuming it happened during the upgrade from 1.8 to 1.81?

Thanks so much again!

09 June 2020 — 09:56 thread author - Larry

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