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During activation of the plug in I had an error message i…

Published: November 12, 2020
Support status: closed

During activation of the plug in I had an error message in line 371. As it dit not work for me I changed meta.php.

After installation I am not able to add quations to a quiz. Not manualy, not with the upload.

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thread author: Constance

Hi Constance,
are you saying that meta.php was returning an error for line 371? I think you either have the wrong file or the wrong line # since line 371 of meta.php is just a comment.

This is almost certainly due to a corrupt PHP module on your hosting account. Another user previously had what I think is a similar issue and it was easily resolved by just resetting your PHP version.

If you are using cpanel, then log into your cpanel account and look for something similar to “PHP version”. From there, either select the latest version available to you, or reset the current version. Sometimes hosts screw up when upgrading their accounts to later PHP version, so resetting the version should hopefully force the correct modules to load for you.

12 November 2020 — 12:27 support admin - Dylan

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