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Change # to Q

Published: April 6, 2024
Support status: closed

How can i change # to ‘Q’ in front of my question numbers..can you help me in this issue..

thread author: chhavi

Hi chhavi,
I just made a small edit to the plugin to make this easier. I did not increase the version number, so you will not be prompted to update. Instead, deactivate then delete HD Quiz, and then install again to ensure you have the new version. You will not lose any quiz data by doing this.

I added in a new “filter” called hdq_set_question_number_symbol. This new filter allows you to change the Question Number Symbol to anything you want. To use, add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file. BACKUP THE FILE FIRST. If you make a mistake, it can crash your site!

The full code will look like:

function hdq_set_question_number_symbol($symbol)
    return "Q";
add_filter("hdq_set_question_number_symbol", "hdq_set_question_number_symbol", 10, 1);
06 April 2024 — 13:05 support admin - Dylan

This, trick is not working..i tried today..sorry for late..i was little bit busy in some other urgent work..i tried twice:- 1 time i simply follow your step but result is zero then i tried second time by deactivate plugin then delete it..then i delete all temporary files in my pc then empty recycle bin and restart my pc..then login admin panel wordpress and search hd quiz plugin and re-install it..then also it shows # instead of Q..now what should i do help me to solve this issue..

11 April 2024 — 09:03 thread author - chhavi

then i delete all temporary files in my pc then empty recycle bin and restart my pc

That is not necessary at all, but I appreciate the attempt to check this on your end!

Assuming you are using the latest version (which it seems you are based on your reply), then the code I provided will 100% work.

This means one of two things. Either you have added the code I provided to the wrong place (it needs to be in your theme’s functions.php file), or you have some form of page caching on your site that needs to be cleared out.

Looking at your site, I see you are using WordPress’ default Twenty Twenty Four theme.

If you go to yourdomain.com/member/wp-admin/theme-editor.php (replacing yourdomain.com with your actual domain of course. I added in member since that is part of your WordPress install) you will be able to access the Theme Editor.

On the right sidebar, select functions.php to edit that file. As I warned before, make sure you are able to access your host to backup this file in case you make a mistake!

Add the code I provided to the very end of the file and then save.

If you can verify that this has been added to the correct place, I can further help you from there if needed.

11 April 2024 — 11:53 support admin - Dylan

in this page-https://pyqonline.com/member/?page_id=699…i want to change # to Q. Today i download Theme Code Editor plugin to edit theme file-functions.php and then i add your code and press on update file button..but it is not updating my file and # is not change to Q.

12 April 2024 — 00:38 thread author - chhavi

> but it is not updating my file

Sorry, but supporting other plugins is out of the scope of support I can offer here. If you have an issue with an another plugin “Theme Code Editor” you will need to contact them for support.

All I can tell you is this.

First, if you correctly add the code I provided, it will work and do exactly what you are asking for.

Second, your web host almost certainly has a file manager. You can use that to make the edit. Try logging into your host directly and looking for the file manager.

Third, please do not create multiple threads in multiple places asking the same question. You already had my full attention and several replies directly from me here. No need to also email me and create a new thread on the WordPress forum. I live in a different country and timezone then you. It was 2am.

If after all of the above you are still unable to figure out how to modify that file let me know here and I can contact you via email so you can provide me with login access and I can make the change for you.

12 April 2024 — 13:14 support admin - Dylan

Thank you…support admin – Dylan…for your support…now my # changed to Q…you can also see by my url – https://pyqonline.com/member/jee-mains-physics-test-1.

thank you so much..

18 April 2024 — 07:27 thread author - chhavi

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