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Change the text offered on Twitter/x.com

Published: March 12, 2024
Support status: closed

I just started trying out this plugin. So far it looks quite interesting!

I’m hoping to make a slight change to the prepopulated text created for Twitter/X.

Right now, if I put my Twitter/X handle in, it will create a post with my handle as the first part of the post.

Since I don’t want the post to be specifically pointed at me, but rather have it go out to everyone in general, can I amend the prepopulated text to say, “Hey, @example, I scored 10/10 on the Example quiz. Can you beat me?” rather than “@example, @example, I scored 10/10 on the Example quiz. Can you beat me?”

I saw that you showed another user how to edit the JS file, but it seems that the code has changed in the last couple of years. If that is still an option I can gladly do that.


thread author: Rich

Hi Rich,
Take a look at the translation settings under the HD Quiz About / Options page. You can customize the Twitter share text from there 👍

12 March 2024 — 18:34 support admin - Dylan

That setting allows me to change the text which would follow my Twitter/X handle, if included.

I want to include my Twitter/X handle, and I want the text as you have already created it, but the change I’m requesting is beyond the edit available in the translation settings.

I’m looking for a way to add text before HD Quiz inserts my Twitter/X handle. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the effort, Dylan!

12 March 2024 — 18:45 thread author - Rich

Why not remove your handle from the “Twitter Handle” field, and add it directly to the “Share Text”?

Something like: Whatever custom text you want @your_handle I scored %score% on the %quiz% quiz. Can you beat me?

12 March 2024 — 18:55 support admin - Dylan


I did what you suggested. I think I was confused thinking I needed it changed specifically for Twitter/X, but since Facebook doesn’t allow custom text I might as well do it that way.


13 March 2024 — 10:33 thread author - Rich

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