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can a question/quiz have multiple answers

Published: May 11, 2024
Support status: closed

in creating quizzes i have noticed that there are times when 2 or more responses would be correct. so the question is whether there can be an array of correct responses in the data-answer tag?

thread author: 7069wrk

Hi 7069wrk
The data data-answers attribute is for the Text-based answers only. This question type can only accept one answer, but we check that answer against several variants to account for things like spelling mistakes or alternative answers (IE: Dog vs Canine).

The only question types that allow a user to select multiple answers are the “Select all that apply” question types. These questions are designed to allow the user to select more than one answer — but they need to select ALL of the correct answers and NONE of the incorrect answers in order to be awarded a point.

And then there are the regular multiple choice questions. A user can only select one answer, BUT you can have multiple correct answers. For example, you can select both the first and second answers as correct. Now as long as the user selects either of those answers, they will be awarded the point.

11 May 2024 — 14:36 support admin - Dylan

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