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as per your suggestion, I’m trying… consol showing is …

Published: April 2, 2021
Support status: closed

as per your suggestion, I’m trying… consol showing is this one


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thread author: Asrar Sheikh

Thank you for looking at the console – it confirms that the issue is that the connection is being blocked before HD Quiz can even read the CSV.

This can be because of several reasons.

Your user account does not have the correct permissions. (do you have some kind of user management plugin installed?)

Your host could be the issue. Whenever you upload ANY file to a server, it first goes into a temp folder – which is kind of a safe place to keep the file to check it for security and stuff before moving it to the “real” upload folder. A lot of hosts share this temp folder with other users, meaning it can become full over time. If it’s full, this will stop you from being able to consistently upload files.

Perhaps some security plugin you have installed is blocking the connection. Do you have any related plugins installed? What about a plugin from the “host” – these are notorious for causing a lot of issues.

02 April 2021 — 17:32 support admin - Dylan

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