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Amazing plugin man! Is it possible to add user login? So…

Published: March 21, 2022
Support status: closed

Amazing plugin man!

Is it possible to add user login?
So every user can see their quiz answers. Also i will like to track answers from all users.

For example,i have couple of students that need to test their skills.
How i can track their answers, and also send invite for all of them to take a quiz?


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thread author: Boris

Hi Boris,
please take a look at the addons page found under HD Quiz.

There are two addons there. Save Results Light (FREE) and Save Results Pro (PAID). Both of these addons will save the results for logged in users, with the main differences being that the free version does not save individual answers (only the final score) and the paid version being able to save individual answers as well as send the results via email.

21 March 2022 — 17:55 support admin - Dylan

Hello Dylan,

Thank you for your answer! It sounds very good.

Can you please tell me if is possible to do this with some of the addons:

  • Users need to log in before taking a quiz (or register).
  • Only users with work email can take a quiz (for example, only users that have email [email protected])
  • Users can take 1 quiz only 1 time.
  • Users can see their all quiz results on the account page (or some other page).
  • I (as admin) can see quiz results from all users (and filter results).

My idea is to make some testing web site.
Thanks a lot for a great plugin!


22 March 2022 — 03:38 thread author - Boris

All of this is possible, but with some minor caveats.

  1. HD Quiz is a quiz plugin, not a membership plugin. You will need to either have user registration and login built into your theme, or use a plugin that is dedicated to this functionality.

  2. This is a super-specific and niche feature and is not included in any of the addons. This can, however, be integrated as a custom addon for you.

  3. This is not a feature built into HD Quiz, but I actually have a free addon that adds this in!

  4. The Save Results Pro addon has a hidden leaderboard functionality. With this you can add a leaderboard to any page or post you want. With this, a quiz taker can see their results as well as the results of the competition. If you do not wich the user to see other people’s results, then the Pro addon also has a feature where it can send the results via email to the quiz taker.

  5. The free Save Results Light addon stores the name and score of all quiz takers, but it is not filterable in any way. Just a nice clean list in the order they were submitted. The pro version however is filterable. I suggest looking that the addon pages and watching the demo/tutorail video to get a sense of how it all looks and works.

24 March 2022 — 23:19 support admin - Dylan

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