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Add the ability to add questions using a shortcode in a d…

Published: March 15, 2023
Support status: closed

Add the ability to add questions using a shortcode in a document. For example, I want to create a page where the instructions are “Translate the following ten sentences into Hebrew”. I am not really interested in grading the pages automatically. I just want to provide a place for the user to enter the translation, either after each sentence or else add all of the sentences into one block, and they translate into a different block. Maybe even have the option for desktop mode to have the two boxes side by side. The English version on the left, and the box to add the translation on the right. Then have a button that says “submit to teacher” (or a different user or even to yourself. My website is a homeschooling website, so the grading is not strict. So I want a relaxed atmosphere for the questions. I do not plan to repeat the questions on other pages, so making a “question bank” is not required. Or else have a tool where a user can “extract questions from posts.”. Thanks.

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thread author: Melissa Newman

Hi Melissa,
If I understand correctly, I don’t think you need a quiz plugin – you just need a form builder or contact form plugin. I can recommend HDForms, or Gravity forms.

15 March 2023 — 13:42 support admin - Dylan

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