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Add new question button not working

Published: May 11, 2022
Support status: closed

Add new question button not working

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thread author: Basssey

Hi Basssey,
can you be more specific please? What does “not working” mean exactly? When you try to add a new question, do you get an error message? Does the page look corrupted? Does nothing happen? Is this a new occurrence (as in it used to work, but only recently stopped)?

There are only two reasons that this would not work for you.

A) The connection is being blocked.
If you are using some security plugin, make sure that it is not errantly blocking HD Quiz from calling functions.

B) You have a critical/fatal error caused by either your theme, or another plugin. This fatal error is causing WordPress to crash when HD Quiz tries to access data. For this, your best bet is to do the basic WordPress debug steps.

  1. Temporarily change themes. It is recommended to change to a default WordPress theme (such as twenty-twenty-one) and then check the quizzes to see if fixed. If the issue is solved, then we know that the issue was caused by your theme.
  2. If the above does not help, then disable all plugins EXCEPT HD Quiz and check the quizzes again. You can then re-enable each plugin one-by-one until the issue returns.
11 May 2022 — 19:39 support admin - Dylan

Thanks you for for the reply sir
Unfortunately I’ve tried all option from changing the theme and deactivating all the plugins except HD Quizz yet it seems not to be working.

I’m a new user I’ve just downloaded it today oploaded it to my dashboard what happens is once you I cliq on Quizz the whole buttons freezes only 6…… Dots keeps running across the screen below is the link for reference

Can’t wait to resolve this


11 May 2022 — 23:53 thread author - Bassey

Hi Bassey,
please note that we are in very different time zones, so please be patient. Your last reply was at 11:53pm for me in Ontario. I’ve deleted your other messages just to keep this thread clean.

Thank you for doing the basic debugging steps. If you changed themes and deactivated all plugins, then this means that a fatal error causing this is less likely. Instead, the most likely scenario is that your account lacks the needed permissions to save questions. This can happen if your logged-in user account is using custom permissions/capabilities.

Since I see your site seems to be directed at students, I’m guessing that your user accounts have a custom setup. Are you using any plugins to help manage users or set user permissions?

By default, only “editors” have access to create quizzes and questions, but you can make it so that “authors” have access as well.

Under the HD Quiz menu, select About / Options. From here, enable “Allow Authors Access To Create Quizzes”. With a bit of luck, your current user profile has the permissions needed to do this. If not, then you will need to track down whatever plugin you are using to manage user roles and ensure that your account is an admin account.

12 May 2022 — 10:06 support admin - Dylan

Apologies for for all the inconveniences as per time differences. I guess I really love your plugin just like every one here. I’ve tried all additional step but no luck yet. and yes I guess I’m using plugins to help manage users or set user permissions it’s a school management plug-in, could this be the issue here? If you don’t mind sir here is my username and password to my WordPress dashboard

You’re doing a wonderful job sir believe me your subscribers would run into million in a matter of time

Thank you.

12 May 2022 — 12:41 thread author - Bassey

Please do not post login credentials here; big security risk!

And yes, that plugin is almost certainly the cause. Please use the contact form at the bottom of https://harmonicdesign.ca to send me an email and I can help you further. This way you don’t have to post your information publically 🙂

12 May 2022 — 12:55 support admin - Dylan

Thank u sir mail sent

12 May 2022 — 19:35 thread author - Bassey

Thank u sir seems the static button problem has been resolved.
You’re the best I wonder how you keep up with thousands of queries at top speed, HD Quiz pro subscription loading..


12 May 2022 — 20:01 thread author - Bassey

If you are enjoying HD Quiz please leave a review here on the official WordPress.org page. HD Quiz is developed by me, just some dude, and is supported and available for free. It may seem dumb, but truly nothing makes me happier than knowing that people are using and loving HD Quiz and my hard work.

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