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Shortcode doesn’t format right with Elementor. Can you make regular URLs with the HD quizzes?

Published: May 18, 2024
Support status: comment

Shortcode plasters the entire quiz on the page. The formatting is way off and if you could apply a regular url after making an HD quiz it the functionality would be so much better. Is there a way to convert your short code for a completed quiz into a standard url?

thread author: Kirk

Hi Kirk,
I won’t be able to respond further tonight; it’s a long weekend in Canada, but I wanted to at least get the ball rolling.

  • What version of Elementor are you using?
  • Are you using Elementor’s Shortcode widget?
  • Can you provide a screenshot?

HD Quiz is not supposed to render quizzes at all when using Elementor in edit mode, instead showing:

This section is only visible because you are in Elementor’s live edit mode, and will be replaced with the correct quiz on the public page/post.

I just tested myself using the latest version of Elementor on a fresh WordPress install and can confirm that the quiz does not render when using Elementor in edit mode.

18 May 2024 — 21:14 support admin - Dylan

In the non-edit Elemetor mode the shortcode applies a large font quiz. I am trying to hyperlink text. I do not think the HD Quiz has that functionality unless I can unravel the short code with PHP into a workable url.

18 May 2024 — 21:32 thread author - Kirk

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