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HD Quiz Bulk Importer does not working properly in wordpress 6.3.1

Published: September 10, 2023
Support status: comment

Hi Team,
HD Quiz Bulk Importer does not working properly as only first line in csv file is showing as quiz and other subsequent questions are not reflecting and it is taking more time to complete even wordpress 6.3.1, please fix this.

thread author: vicky

Hi Vicky,
I just did a test on my end to confirm, but I am unable to replicate this, the CSV imported quickly and accurately.

This indicates that there is probably an issue somewhere on your end with either your site setup or your host.

Does the import fail even with the provided example CSV? If the default CSV works, then the issue is probably that your CSV files is improperly formatted.

Something else you can try are the basic WordPress debug steps so that we can eliminate the possibility of your theme or another plugin causing this behaviour.

10 September 2023 — 15:47 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for your reply,
Am using generate press – marketer theme and try to import test csv given in the tool,
After importing the test CSV file, getting below message in a new page. Then after few minutes, upon checking only first question is reflecting and other subsequent questions are not reflecting.
HD Quiz – Bulk Question Importer.
Adding questions has begun. Please do not leave this page until complete.

Enabled DEBUG option, please let me know how to check the errors.

15 September 2023 — 10:02 thread author - Vicky

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